IBM Verse on iOS works with self-signed certificates

In the official documentation for Traveler, is said this “IBM Traveler servers must support SSL/TLS and have a valid certificate. For security reasons, the app will not connect to a server with a self-signed, expired or otherwise untrusted certificate, nor will it connect to a server configured for HTTP rather than HTTPS.”

See here

Well…. is not really true. I am using Verse on my iPad and connect to my Domino server, which has a self-signed certificate. Here are the steps needed to make this work.

  1. Use a browser and access your mail, in this example I am using Firefox. When you see the page, click on the lock icon next to the address Screenshot - 23_10_2015 , 15_31_20
  2. Click on “More information” then on “View certificates” and then on the “Details” tab. There you see a button “Export”, click on it and export the certificate in crt format.
  3. Import this certificate into the device, for example sending it via mail. Whe you read the mail and click in the attached certificate, the procedure for adding a profile will start. Follow the instructions and you will find a new profile with the name of the exported certificate in the device.

Now  Verse will let you connect to your mail server.

8 thoughts on “IBM Verse on iOS works with self-signed certificates

  1. After installing the certificate, Verse still denies to connect. Profile installs successfully but Verse doesn’t allow me to connect 😦
    iOS 9.1 on iPad


  2. Same her. I installed the certificate but same error message. By the way there are several possibilities for certificates: PEM, DER, PKCS#7. I used PEM and it did not work. Do you have an suggestions? Thank you in advance.


    1. Ah ok. That I have tried but it did not work. I imported it in iOS but still Verse did not accept it.


  3. You successfully imported your server certificate in iOS, right ?
    And what error do you get when trying to access your mail with Verse ? What did you specify as server name when configuring Verse ? It has to be the same name of the certificate


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