Error with database when editing with IBM Docs

On a server where I installed Docs I could not edit any file; whenever I tried to open in Docs a file I received an error “service is not available” in the browser and in Docs server SystemOut.log I see this:

000000f3 DocumentEdito E   CLFAD1003E: error occurs when getting editors from database                        “CONCORDDB.DOCEDITORS.LEAVESESSION” is not valid in the context where it is used.. SQLCODE=-206, SQLSTATE=42703, DRIVER=4.19.26

I asked to the Docs guru, my friend Martti Garden, and I discovered that also on one of his servers he had the same error; he fixed it and told me what the solution was.
I forgot to run the updateschema command after applying CR1. By default when you install Docs and run the updateschema command, it brings the schema of the CONCORD db to 24. But when you apply CR1 you have to run the version of the command that comes with it and that brings the schema to 26.
After running the command all problems were gone and I can edit files in Docs.


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